viernes, 27 de octubre de 2017

Homework   27/10/2017
There is no maths homework next week as we have a holiday. However you have a worksheet for Friday the 10th of November. If you have misplaced the worksheet please let me know before the 10th and I can give you a new one.
Your mental activity is to practise doubling numbers up to 50 and halving numbers up to 100.
Use partitioning to help. This means that you break the number down into 10s and units.
If you are unsure use the link to help.
This week  your  spelling words are revision words that many of you still make careless errors  with in your work.
30/10/2017 for Monday 6/11/2017
house    said      children   were   with
some     about   people    make   have
5 sentences

Please make sure you spell these words correctly in your sentences.

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